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PHP Architect

Job # 26366
Technical professional who leads the design, implementation, and/or support of Software Products and/or Systems. The Architect provides technical direction and leadership in the development of highly complex and significant systems which may be produced across many functions. Decisions significantly impact corporate financial performance, schedules and customer satisfaction. Recognized internally and externally by customers or the technical community as a technical leader and expert.  

Competency Requirements:  

• Master's Degree in Engineering or Business related field.
• Proven track record of delivery, innovation and leadership across his or her organization. 
• Being well known across their local organization and within the wider community, including attendance to Symbyo technical boards. 
• Typically the roles in the position are those as a technical lead of a project; thus the goal must be for the individual to make technical product decisions that are consistent with the project goals. They should be able to make their teams do the right thing technically. 
• Normally at least 10 years technical experience in appropriate test, development and support PHP roles. 
• Leadership of 3 or more successful PHP projects. 
• Deep understanding of the product Technical Strategy sufficient to represent to their technical teams and make the right technical decision for products that they work on. 
• Deep knowledge of development foundations sufficient to represent their technical teams and make the right technical decisions for products that they work on. 
• Understanding of the product Architecture Board activities and decisions. 
• Active involvement in a number cross-location or cross-organizational projects. 
• Proven thinking in customer/market value of technology and design choices recommended and implemented. 
• Strong understanding of relevant competition and how our approach will defeat that competition. 
• Extensive knowledge of customer environments and their 'real life' use of Symbyo, and other IT technology. 
• Presentation skill (ability to present to 1st and 2nd line Mgrs, internal meetings). 
• Proven Leadership competencies. 
• Recognized by Symbyoions and customers as an expert in his field. 
• Accountable for projects or programs involving multi-functional or country-wide teams. 
• Defines global designs, solutions or architectures. Directs their implementation. 
• Leads multifunctional or cross-divisional teams in planning activities on large highly complex projects. 
• Designs, and implements new procedures and guidelines to enhance productivity and quality. 
• Assumes additional responsibilities as assigned. 
• Very Good English Communication Skills 

1. Environment:
• Has expert or leading-edge knowledge in software development, system/product architecture and design, and integration; typically acquired via significant professional experience with large complex projects which span traditional organizational boundaries. 
• Applies expertise to advance the state of the art of the software engineering processes, procedures and tools within a business unit or geography. Applies these processes to new environments where necessary. 
• Thoroughly understands customer work environment.  

2. Communication/Negotiation: 
• Guides other individuals and teams in application of leading-edge software issues within Symbyo. 
• Advanced negotiation and communication skills are required to interact with and influence peers, executive management, other functions, vendors and subcontractors to reach common agreements. 
• Positively contributes to a high-morale/high-performance team culture, leading by example. 
• Communicates effectively and shares complex programming and product knowledge within and across the corporation, with customers, and/or the technical community worldwide. 
• Meets with customers to determine customer requirements and translates these into product function.  

3. Problem Solving: 
• Position requires high degree of analytical ability and creativity in understanding and interpreting program objectives and market requirements. 
• Analyzes business requirements and develops proposals that lead to implementing solutions with new ideas and concepts. 
• Insures product architecture and design meet worldwide customer requirements and issues. Anticipates potential problems and future industry technological trends.  

• Demonstrates technical leadership and recognized as an expert inside and outside the organization for major, significant or critical product development projects. 
• Leads advanced technology activities in new market segments. 
• Provides technical advice and counsel to executive management and other technical staff in the organization / division. 
• Leads multifunctional or cross-divisional teams in project activities.  

Impact on Business/Scope:
• Decisions contribute to and drive product strategies, plans, schedules, customer satisfaction, and financial results of the division. 
• Analyzes business requirements and develops proposals that lead to solutions and the exploration of new technologies across the division. 
• Determines architecture, design and implementation of current and future products which have a major impact on customers and the organization. 
 Decisions directly influence product content, usability, schedule and quality.