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CAD Designer / Engineer

Job # 2776817

The Candidate will work within our medical device production center to produce medical devices tailored for each of our patients.  Candidate will use Using a 3D point cloud and mesh processing software to Edit, Modify and recreate Medical Devices. 
Prior experience with CAD Applications (or any other relative application), to perform CG operations on STL file (mesh) including separation, boolean operation, mesh smoothing.
Good experience with mesh fundamental concepts:
- Mesh geometrical representation (vertices, faces, normals...etc.)
- Mesh Integrity (quality in terms of  polygon count, Mesh defects (visual defects i.e. holes, big triangles))
- Mesh Operation
  1. Re-mesh for smoothing
  2. Mesh Editing (morphing two objects, clipping)
  3. Geometrical Transformation (rotation around axis/point, re-centering, scaling (uniform/non-uniform))
- Minimal Mathematical experience is a must:
  • Fundamental of 3D Transformation
  • Basic exposure to Matrix Algebra 
  • Basic exposure to Curves and Surfaces
Advanced Experience:
  1. Good experience with decimating 3D meshes
  2. Good experience with registering 3D Objects.
  3. Mesh repairing using VRMESH (or any other relative 3D software) analysis and fixation tools (intersected triangles, big triangles, holes, shells/islands)
Prior experience in CAD application in similar Medical/Dental production Centers is an asset
Personal Qualifications:
  • ability to learn fast.
  • innovative.
  • problem solver.